Hello, computer people.

My name is Sophie Shapiro, and I am 17 years old. If you asked anyone who knows me, they would probably describe me as, “the dancer”, which is an accurate description. Dance is my breath – it allows me to grow as a person and keep my mind open to new experiences. Without it, I would lose apart of my identity.

However, as I have grown older, my love for dance has grown into a love for the performing arts: singing, dancing, and acting. Through numerous experiences with the Broadway world, I have fallen more and more in love. Yet, although I do claim to be a “musical theatre geek”, I still have a lot to learn before I can confidently claim the title. I have dedicated this blog to my personal venture as I discover new forms of self-expression and continue to learn more about the ambiguous being that is art.

Possibly through this blog, through this philosophie ( 😉 ), you will find some laughs, some tips, or maybe even some inspiration to document your own artistic journey. Break a leg!