2.12.17. Joffrey Audition

My past few summers have been spent in New York City with the Joffrey Ballet School. Two years ago, Joffrey began a musical theater program, taught by the best of the best ON BROADWAY. I immediately wanted to sign up when I heard the news. I have always loved Broadway, and this seemed like the best of both worlds. And it definitely was. My past few summers have been great, so this year I decided to audition yet again.

My audition was on Sunday about an hour or so from where I live. I was not really nervous, probably because I had attended the program the past few years. However, going to an audition for me without being nervous is an extremely unsettling feeling. I did not feel in ‘audition mode’. Regardless, I decided to wear my go-to audition outfit: black leo, black tights, and my hair slicked back into a low bun.

The audition was pretty small, which has its advantages and its downsides. The dance was a blast and also super tiring. I am unsure of the song, but it was very Fosse inspired and intense. He told us to imagine breaking up with a boyfriend (through dancing), how fun right! I think I did pretty well, but it was my first time in a while dancing in heels! I just had to remember to engage my legs and push through the floor. Overall, I was really proud of myself.

Next came singing.

Yeah, singing. This is the part which always makes me the most nervous. We are called in one by one, and we sing a song. It sounds simple, but as someone who hasn’t been singing for long, it’s terrifying. And to make it even worse, I was the last one called in.

I walked in, introduced myself, and sang “I Feel the Earth Move” from Carol King the Musical. He was impressed; so impressed in fact, he asked me to sing another song. I was taken aback. I didn’t necessarily have anything memorized! I quickly improvised and sang an excerpt of “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar. Again, he enjoyed my singing, and then get this. HE ASKED FOR ANOTHER SONG!! And yet again, I had nothing else prepared.

My knees buckled and I weakly asked if he wanted to pick a song from my book (a collection of sheet music I’ve been working on with my singing teacher). He was delighted and wanted to see my book! I think that was a good sign, because he went through my entire book and then went to tell me some songs I should work on. It was mostly Rogers and Hammerstein. Good to know, and I think another good sign?

But it wasn’t over yet. He wanted one more song. “What I Did for Love” from A Chorus Line. I hadn’t sang that in a year. But I think I did OK.

After that, he finally dismissed me. Since I was the last audition, we talked as we walked out of the room. He asked my questions about myself and my training, which made me really happy because I think that is a sign he likes me! Then, I grabbed all my stuff and drove home smiling. Despite my debacle, the audition went better than I could’ve expected. I’ll definitely update you all on whether or not I get accepted!

But, lesson learned: ALWAYS come well prepared to an audition. ALWAYS.


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