A custom made playlist for YOU!

Another Monday, another Music Monday playlist coming at you! This playlist is a combination of light alternative music and underground indie bands. Uncreatively, I have thus given it the name Alternative Indie. I find myself listening at the beach, while driving, or on a hazy day when I just need to relax. This playlist also features the up and coming band Real Estate who just landed a huge gig at the music festival Outside Lands this past weekend. So, without further ado, enjoy! 🙂

Serve the Song – Real Estate
Dark Days – Local Natives
Monki – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Talking Backwards – Real Estate
‘Cause I’m A Man – Tame Impala
True Affection – Father John Misty
The High Road – Broken Bells
Different Creatures – Circa Waves
Stay in My Corner – The Arcs
San Francisco – Foxygen
Darling – Real Estate
Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys
Shut You Down – Caveman
Under Control – The Strokes
Golden Haze – Wild Nothing

Check out the playlist on my spotify here

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments if you like any songs on here, leave recommendations, or possible ideas for playlists in the future! I’d love to check out your favorite songs ❤

What Happens When I’m “Not Thinking”

This is a stream of consciousness piece I wrote during a class at Northwestern University. For more about stream of consciousness, check out my other blog post.  

Enjoy! 🙂

My foot is asleep right now. Pretty badly. So badly, in fact, that it’s hard to think about anything else…

Not thinking is a weird sensation. When people tell me not to think I honestly want to yell at them. How can you not think? Inside my head there is always some stream of consciousness – more like a waterfall really – that just never stops. I am constantly noticing things, but my brain never seems to fill up. Isn’t that fascinating?

– I love watching things … learning from things. If I could I would read every book in the world. To hear everyone’s story… it would be incredible! Maybe my head would explode, or my heart would burst, but… maybe not. I talk so much and to everyone I can because I’m curious to find out.

I heard an interesting fact that when we look at trees, we take in every individual leaf – every one – subconsciously and translate it into one image. Quite possibly it is a testament to the human experience: our thoughts, actions, stories, make up a tree.

– together, a forest.

It’s little things like that that amaze me. Humans are such interesting creatures, don’t you think?

A brief reflection:

When I heard at the beginning of the class that our final project was to write a monologue, it terrified me. Writing has always terrified me. I would always say, “I’m good at English, but I suck at writing”. However, stream of consciousness writing does not scare me, because I don’t have to think about what I am writing. Often times, though, this writing ends up  being better than when I sit at my laptop and force myself to write. Those pieces always come out forced and sound unnatural. Possibly I have found my writing niche!

(if that is even a thing) 😉

MM 8/7

Wow! A music monday? You probably forgot about them, but they’re back and better than ever. This week, relax and unwind to your favorite summer folk hits. Perfect for a sunny morning or afternoon at the beach.

Crazy Love – Van Morrison

The Only Thing – Sufjan Stevens

1972 – Josh Rouse

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison

Little Garcon – Born Ruffians

Come On – Mikhael Paskalev

No Surprises – Radiohead

At the Zoo – Simon & Garfunkel

Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches

Oh Yoko! – John Lennon

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – The Beatles

First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes

Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ – The Velvet Underground

Carey – Joni Mitchell

Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys


I know that you will love this playlist as much as I have! Don’t forget to follow it on Spotify @mynewphilosophie and to share your thoughts and requests in the comments! Keep rocking 🙂

Plays, plays, and more plays!

This summer I discovered a new part of my love for the arts: theatre. Obviously I have seen plays before, and even been in a handful, but I never truly learned about the art of theatre. However, after spending my summer at a theatre intensive at Northwestern University, I seem to have a new hunger for theatre.

At my intensive I took a Performance Theory class, where I got a brief preview into the many styles of theatre. To continue our theatre educations, my peers and I were encouraged to read plays that coincided with the types of theatre we learned about. Furthermore, we were also given a list of playwrights (classical and contemporary) to read.

As I embark on this reading adventure, I have decided to document and review the plays I read. I hope you enjoy this new little play series, and even pick up a play for yourself!

If you have any play or playwright suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

Personal Storytelling

I recently took a master class at Northwestern University entitled, Personal Storytelling. The class was focused on self-expression through stream of consciousness writing. Stream of consciousness writing is essentially writing down your thoughts without judgement for a given period of time. During this writing period, you are not allowed to edit or change what is written, but just simply let the words flow from your mind to the page. In the class, we wrote two stream of consciousness pieces following a guided meditation. The guided meditation was intended to help us arrive at a topic for our piece. The class was extremely inspiring and also therapeutic; since then I have written multiple stream of consciousness pieces. I find that they help me clear my mind and often lead me to a realization that my conscious has been itching to get out.

This is one of the pieces I wrote during the master class.

I used to have a lot of cuts on my arms and legs as a child. Sometimes from a mountain lion, or a secret mission to save the queen, or maybe I was riding into battle on my stallion through the weeds of my backyard. I had six acres of land as my playground, and every square inch brought a new potential for adventure. As much as I disliked Reno and most of my childhood, I deeply miss my own personal oasis. In my backyard, I was free to be anybody but myself. No one cared if I danced instead of walked, sang instead of talked, read instead of socialized. It was just me and my alternate universe. Maybe it’s why my favorite color is green. My playground was always green, except for during the drought. One time, a fire erupted a few miles away from my house and burnt a large section of the town, including my front lawn. Helicopters would come to our pond to collect water to put out the fire. It made me feel important. Sometimes I wished our house burnt down. I craved excitement. I wanted someone to write a story about me. I wanted to live a story so exciting that I wouldn’t have to make one up; I could live a new adventure everyday!

I feel selfish when I say this. My childhood wasn’t like the ones I read about, and that made me sad. I know it was great; I have a loving family, a nice home, food, a bed, education… But it was never enough. I hate talking about it because truly it still isn’t. I have everything a girl could ever want yet I am not satisfied.

Sometimes, when I really relate to a book, I don’t finish it. I tell myself that I’m going to pick it up one day but I know I never will. I don’t like it when things end. I like change, but not endings. I hate to believe my childhood is over. It can’t be! I don’t want to grow up because they’re so many things I still have left to do. I don’t want to be old; go to parties and all that. I’d much rather go back home and finally swim in the pond (I always thought it was too dirty) or read in my grandpa’s old chair until I fall asleep. I want to read a children’s book. Let’s be honest, they’re much more important. Everything was so simple and clear. Why can’t life be more simple?

I can’t really understand why I’m always craving more. I fall in love with everything… I want everything. I meet someone and I fall in love with them. It’s honestly bizarre. They say one thing, smile with kind eyes, laugh, and I’m smitten. Total strangers! Everyone is so beautiful that sometimes it makes me sad.

I take the window seat on airplanes because it’s pretty to look at the sky… but I hate it. I feel so small. I want to meet everyone I see, fall in love with everyone I could meet, everything I could see. But I know I can’t. I think I still love everyone though because I know them, just in a different way.

So that’s the inside of my head! It was difficult to put on paper, but I felt very refreshed afterward. I encourage you all to try stream of consciousness; I truly can’t describe the many benefits!

If you want more stream of consciousness pieces, please like this post and let me know in the comments. ❤

Dance Recital

Today my dance studio had our annual dance recital. I don’t know if any one of you have been through a dance recital, so let me tell you this: it is almost ALWAYS a hectic experience.

The day started relatively smoothly; I arrived on time, my hair and makeup were perfection, and all of my costumes and shoes were present and intact! Curtain went up at 1pm, but not without some hectic running around and yelling. I was only in 4 numbers, a small number for me, giving me ample time to watch the scene and also help out. And by help out I mean assist quick changes, do buns, and find shoes and costumes buried at the bottom of girls dance bags. While a few tears were shed here and there and a few shoes misplaced, Act I went on just fine.

The real trouble came with Act II.

To completely understand the chaos, I first must introduce you to my friend Salma. Salma is an absolutely beautiful dancer; she is naturally as flexible as Gumby and can turn like a top. However, she sometimes can be a bit of a hot mess. This was the case today, as half way through intermission she realized she had misplaced one of her costumes (shortly after we realized that ‘misplaced’ meant at her house).

At my studio, no costume meant no stagetime. You were simply kicked out of the dance. When realizing this, Salma and I looked each other in the eye and grimaced. She can’t be kicked out! I thought. She is my best friend and she has worked so hard this past year, being her last year performing at my studio since she is a senior. We were determined to make it work.

Asking around, we salvaged a black leotard that resembled my costume (though it was purple, the pattern was the same) and a black skirt that we pinned to look like mine. It seemed to work! Luckily, Salma was in the middle of the dance practically the whole time, and the audience didn’t even suspect that it was supposed to be different!

After the dance, Salma and I embraced in a huge hug. We somehow managed to solve the problem! But, we couldn’t celebrate for too long: we still had the rest of the show!

My next and last dance was a ballet piece, a variation from Don Quixote. I was definitely the most nervous for this dance. It combined two dance classes, intermediate and advanced ballet, and on stage was the first time that we would be doing it together. If that isn’t the craziest thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what is.

So, we all got on stage and the lights went up. The beginning was going well until suddenly I see a hair piece fly on stage from the corner of my eye. Without stopping smiling, my mind began to race. I don’t care what anyone has told you, but if a hair piece or prop falls on stage … it is chaos. Suddenly, everyone begins looking at the fallen accessory instead of at the dance. I had to do something.

I finished my fouette double pirouette and picked up the hair piece while running offstage. I somehow managed to wink at the audience in doing so, trying to make it seem like part of the dance. (After the show was over I would hear that I even did it on the music! Shout out to a dancer’s natural musicality I guess haha!).

I suppose the hair piece was somewhat of an omen; the rest of the dance was similarly chaotic. Bodies were crashing into bodies and formations were definitely NOT center. But, I guess we all had fun onstage. Amidst the chaos I could not help but smile; I was dancing on stage to a beautiful song with people I love. Though it was crazy, it was certainly a fun filled few minutes.  I just probably won’t ever watch the video!

So, I guess my recital, despite being hectic, was a pretty fun experience. There is nothing more fun to me than putting on makeup and dancing for hours on end with my friends on stage. Performance is truly a treat, and though today was a little crazy, I would not trade it in for the world.

But for my own piece of mind, I must say: to all the dancers reading this, ALWAYS remember your costumes and ALWAYS pin in your hair pieces!!!

This is the end to this My New Philosophie memoir because I have to go watch the TONY’S!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

No, I Didn’t Know It

I’ve never been too into poetry, but recently I have been reading a lot more poems… and even writing some myself. I thought it would be fun to embark on a “Haiku Series” on My New Philosophie (with a few 14-liners thrown in there) just for fun.

I hope you enjoy this series! Leave requests for new series or posts in the comments below. 🙂